Plan for success by planning for the unexpected.       Sarah Aaronson



We start with your goals and your destination. Then we insure the right property is selected. From there we start the hard work as we collaborate with your team to plan the details. Be it a one day seminar or five day conference at a convention center we manage the big and small details so you can focus on your program, speakers, attendees and results. We even coordinate the exhibit program, fees, implement a sales program and more depending upon how extensive you want our services to integrate into your program.

Anthony Bourdain

The property is not the answer to every site selection. Where are your attendees coming from? What's the typical attendee budget? Will they bring families or other staff members? Are you charging for attendance or is this an incentive? These are a few of the questions we ask before we consider a destination. Air, ground, and hotel are all part of the equation and our services include a detailed list of options for every client before we start negotiating contracts on your behalf. 



Special events need to be 'special'. Whether it's a Concours d'Elegance, Jazz Festival or an Anniversary. For you, as the client, and for the guests whom you want to walk away with a fond memory. The venue, the food, the decor, the parking, the staff uniforms, the lighting, the band, the sound, the chairs, the wine selection and even the right Kentucky Bourbon is important to you. We take care of those details so you can focus on an experience you will  fondly remember as well.


Sometimes you just need someone to help you organize and strategize. We can do that. Every client has different needs. Planning is time consuming and detail oriented. We can help you with that process without being on-site for the program or event.
From trade show management and exhibit sales to conference book coordination to event marketing, our team is here to help. 
We understand budgets and how to keep projects on time and in line.


You want to do well and do good. We know that and take the time to understand your organizational goals, find the right set of community projects or non-profit partners to match those goals and coordinate service projects for your attendees. Be it work-days building play-parks or stuffing holiday bags for seniors in need. We'll even coordinate the dinner and live auction.

IRM is there to help you help others that match your values. We have a team that will create stories, capture them on video, and post them online - before or after your project.